Booking Conditions

Meeting Point YouTravel Tourism L.L.C., a company incorporated under the laws of Dubai, with Company registration number, 1139121 having its principal place of business in the United Arab Emirates, IBN Battuta Gate, Office 401, P.O. Box 51783 (“MPYT”). is a trading name of MPYT.


These booking conditions apply to the contract when you purchase hotel accommodation through this website from MPYT. We are a service provider in the field of travel and tourism and we act as a principal in the supply to you of hotel accommodation. Our goal is to provide you with all necessary information on hotels that we contract so you are in a position to purchase accommodation through our site.

You may also find other travel related products or services that you can access via our website, which are offered by partners of ours.


At the moment of purchase, you will receive a confirmation for your booking and a voucher. And you will then be bound by these booking conditions. An invoice will be sent to you on the next working day after the date of your booking. Please note that when you receive the details of your booking it is important that you check them carefully and advise us immediately if any errors have been made. Please note that we hold the right within 48h to cancel your booking if we notice that a loading mistake has been done in terms of price, availability, room type or board type.


Your rights

When a purchase has been completed, the hotel you have selected is obliged to provide you with accommodation as described on your voucher. Rooms will be allocated at the time of check-in. Please note that hotels cater for an international clientele and staff working in the hotels may not all be English-speaking. Please also note that whilst this website endeavours to offer accurate information at all times, certain facilities may occasionally be withdrawn due to low occupancy, to enable repairs to be carried out, at the beginning and end of the season, or for any other valid reasons.

Your obligations

Invoices must be paid promptly in accordance with the agreed terms of payment. Unless the invoice has been paid in full you are not entitled to the accommodation booked.If you want to amend or cancel your booking then you are subject to your agent’s amendment and cancellation terms. All minors must be escorted by their parents or provide us with an appropriate consent form before bookings will be accepted. Please note that you must in all instances make yourselves aware of and respect the terms and conditions of the hotel and also any local or national legislation that may apply in the resort of your choice as MPYT will not accept liability for any financial or other loss incurred if you fail to do so. Please be aware that it is the policy of some hotels in certain countries (eg Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco) not to allow nationals to book at special contracted rates sold outside of that country. Please contact MPYT prior to making such a booking.


Multiple Bookings

With party bookings, we will communicate only with the party leader who will be deemed to take responsibility for all members of his or her party and who will be expected to communicate to the remaining members of his or her party any information supplied regarding the booking. We will act at all times upon the assumption that the party leader has obtained agreement from all party members to the original booking and to any subsequent changes of any nature that maybe made to the booking.


You must ensure that you have proper holiday insurance in place. From time to time you may be linked via this website to a partner who will be able to supply information on insurance policies but you must use your own discretion when choosing an insurance provider.



We will endeavour at all times to ensure that hotels make no changes to bookings that we have made with them. If, however, we are advised by the hotel that they have to change your booking or they are unable to provide the accommodation booked we will inform you as soon as possible before departure if we can but will have no other liability towards you. In the unlikely event we are advised by a hotel before departure that the accommodation we have allocated to you is no longer available or cannot be provided we will endeavour to provide you with similar accommodation but will have no other liability towards you. If you do not choose to accept that accommodation you can cancel with a full refund but we will have no other liability towards you. If, for whatever reason, a hotel (or supplier) is forced to transfer you to alternative accommodation when you arrive in resort, they will undertake to transfer you to alternative accommodation of equivalent rating to that originally booked but neither they nor we will have any other liability towards you. Please note that if for any reason (for example a significant flight delay or problem with passports) your arrival date or time changes it is vital that the hotel be notified immediately or you will be considered to be a no show and your accommodation may be released. Please also note that no refund can be claimed if you stay at the accommodation for a shorter period than that for which you have booked.



If the hotel management has reason to believe that any member of your party has behaved in an improper manner they reserve the right to terminate your stay immediately and we will in those circumstances owe you no further obligation under the contract. Full cancellation charges will then apply and neither the hotel nor our company will have any further responsibility for you or liability towards you. Furthermore, if any member of your party causes any damage to the hotel or to any other third party during your stay, you agree to indemnify us in full against any subsequent claim that may be made against us, the local representative or the hotel. In all instances you are liable for any damages caused to the hotel and/or third parties and all expenses incurred during your stay must be paid in full before you leave your hotel.


All communication and confirmations between the parties will be done through emails.


Limitation of Liability

We assume no liability for any of the accommodation arrangements, apart from cases where damage to you was caused by our negligence. We will pursue on your behalf against the hotel owner any other claims for compensation or damages for any incident that may occur during your stay at the hotel. You agree to provide all reasonable assistance to us in pursuing that claim for your benefit, including the provision of evidence, witness statements etc.

Any special requests must be made directly to the hotel and we offer no guarantee that those special requests will be met. We assume no liability for any products or services that may be supplied by partners nor for any other services (eg flights or transfers) booked with third parties. Our liability is in respect of the provision of the accommodation only.

We do not give any undertaking as to whether a hotel will be able to cater for those who require special diets nor do we give any undertaking as to the suitability of properties for disabled clients. If any member of a party requires a special diet or suffers from a disability appropriate checks should be made before booking to establish that the property chosen is suitable.



If you have any complaints during your stay at the hotel, please try to resolve them immediately by reporting them to the hotel staff. If your problems are not resolved, you can contact the local representative whose details are listed on your voucher. If those problems remain unresolved, please call the agent through whom you booked your holiday in order that they can contact us. If you remain dissatisfied after your holiday ends, please write to your agent within 28 days of your return to the UK.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

All disputes arising under or in connection with it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the following courts:

1. Where the client entering into the contract is an individual acting as a consumer, the courts of England and Wales, or another country of the European Union where the individual is domiciled ; or

2. In all other cases, the courts of Dubai.